Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tips for Buying the Correct Front End Parts for Your Tractor

Tips for Buying Front End Tractor Parts from All States Ag Parts

Front end parts for tractors can be a difficult category to identify the correct replacement parts. Here's a few tips for making sure the first part you buy is the right part!

1.       Is your front end an OEM front end?
2.       If your tractor was manufactured in the 70's or earlier, there is a good chance that the whole front end, or at least, parts of the front end are non-OEM.
3.       If there is any doubt, get the markings or casting numbers on the existing parts.
4.       If numbers are not available, you'll need to take measurements of the part to be replaced in order to assure the correct part is ordered. Many of the front end tractor parts listed on All States Ag Parts website,, have dimensions posted along with the photo and the description. This website is a good resource because most of their front end parts have dimensions provided. 
5.       It is important to remember that just because the tractor is of a certain make, it doesn't guarantee that all or part of the front end is OE. Previous owners could have installed a heavier same brand front-end or another manufacturer's front-end and painted it.
6.       Identify why the part broke. For example, worn out parts such as tie rod ends, spindle bushings, top or center steering arms, pivot pins or bushings may create slack that will multiply out at the wheel ends causing a good part to fail. 
7.       Overloading the front end is a major cause of failure. If the primary task of the tractor is heavy loads, like moving round bales, then you may want to consider stepping up to a heavier duty part (when available).
8.       Don't forget to replace other parts that may be weakened or need replacement. For example, if you needs a spindle, it's always wise to replace the wheel bearings and spindle bushings, but don't forget that the steering arms, tie rod ends, wheel hubs and studs may have been weakened from the cause of the spindle failure. You may be sorry if you don't replace these parts now.

All States Ag Parts carries new, used and rebuilt front end parts and has a knowledgeable staff of parts
experts to assist you in acquiring the correct front end part for your tractor. You can contact us by phone
at 877-530-4430, on the internet at, or by email,

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